Symbol of An

Was playing around with a celtic design thing. This image is from the world of Ao’tir’ arising not long after the birth if the Druid Folk clans; when they still lived among the Argholai.

They crafted a image that represented how they saw their Gods govern the passage of An (the Moon) through their houses.
An rises from the unknown lands to the east through the house of Negh’fahain; a great warrior and leader of Argholai. To Humans and Druid Folk of later years he would be known as Woonador; meaning ‘ son of Woon’. His true name means ‘wind upon the mountain’.
An then passes over the realm of Man and the White Horse, and into the house of Venaerras. She is of the sky the sees and hears all and of the earth forged with Partor’erras’ strength; in which she gets her name. Venaerras is the only daughter of the Argholai that watches over An’s journey.
Leaving the land of men she enters the realm of the Argholai where she will fly before her rest. Here she passes through the house of the ‘Truth Seer’, Iuran. By his hands all secrets can not fester, nor flee. It was he who found the slayer of the Oneu (the first of the living), and lead to the inprisonment of Kur’loc in the Primal lands.

These three are all children of Neffenorene and such watch over her realm before all her other children.

In the image the three rotating circles represent the the three houses of An in continuous cycle. The three circles within each again represent them again. This is to given this idea of an infinite cycle.
I’m going to be using a version of this image in the short film Golem as the image of the moon. In this version I intend to have the three within three to appear infinite and the colouring will be more cell shaded.
This version for the purposes of experimenting isn’t complete, I still have bits to play about with.


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