Finally thought of a name.

For those of you who pay attention to my jabbering.

If you are one of those who do then the term ‘Druid Folk’ wont come as new to you. I often refer to these people by this way as the common tongues if Men and the old Dwarfs scripts. In latter days this name would be taken up by those folk of which it speaks, even among their own.

For a long time I couldn’t for the life think or construct a name that would suit my tastes. While attempting to fall under slumber last night, a flitter of belittled inspiration came to me in thought.
Again I had failed in one sense of the word; yet I had come up with a start. The Druid people were brought into being by a greater group of the Arga, and as such they gave them the name ‘Arathirmn’. Never did they call themselves by this name but it is their true name.

Comments welcome.


2 thoughts on “Finally thought of a name.

  1. Avid jabber-follower here… jus’ to say it sounds pretty good to me. A question as to how it’s pronouced… is the emphasis of the word on the ‘ra’ or the ‘thir’ (and if the second case, is the ‘thir’ pronouced ‘theer’ or ‘ther’)? Just curious as it’ll be a little while until I can hear you pronouce it in person.

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