The transgender consplosionism.

In order to say this on Twitter would have taken too many tweets. That was a ridiculous sentence. Just felt like saying something personal for a change; not that my art isn’t personal.

A friend of mine has just recently undergone SRS (that Sexual Reassignment Surgery. They open you up and take our your assignment card and tipex out one box and tick the other), and she is doing very well. This isn’t meant to be some form of coming out for me, as most of the people who pay attention to my web presence either already know I’m trans or don’t know me personally. Regardless this is mainly a gabber of thought.
Anyway, this got me thinking that I should make some form of statement of th confusion I’ve went through of the pas few years. Lets put it this way, if things had went remotely the way I originally hope they might If the world was largely composed of candy, magic and rainbows, I’d be in a similar position she is in now. I believe it was on my 20th birthday I brought the issue up for the first time with my Mother, in which I honestly have no idea how to describe our relationship. It was a little pup in Fife, and her reaction was fairly positive considering. Her main piece of advice was, “Don’t rush into anything”. A fair enough point.

I’m probably one of the shittiest trans people there is, the main contributing factors being a relatively low amount of money to actually endow myself in girl’s clothing; and when I do have money I spend it on art books. I would say videogames, but being that most of the trans people I know work in media or are web developer; that would be bullshit. My voice which still sounds like posh gay Glaswegian, not my fault I’m working on it. I still haven’t made any moves on legally changing my name, also not sorted anything with work, but that’s mainly because I’m waiting for a job that I actually want. Maybe that’s me just being picky.
But after three years or so not much has developed. The issue I have with my Mother is that see to kp having to re-come out to her as trans. She has decided to gloss over the situation in the hope that it’s “phase”.She then gets me small amount of make-up at christmas, along with men’s aftershave. I think that’s mixed signals for you.

I have a feeling I’ve lost track of what i was wanting to say between this faulty keyboard, and a sudden headache. So I’ll leave with this thought. Why do I like trees so much?

And back to normal art posts.


One thought on “The transgender consplosionism.

  1. Take it at your own speed. Yes, you need the clothes and you need to “practice”; but then going back to presenting male starts unpleasant, goes through horrible to unbearable. Do what you Want, which is hard when trans folk grow up trying to please other people.

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