Lay’foras and the fallen Argohlai


This not a comprehensive part of the Tome of Aspects but a train of thought. A very rough first draft of this story. Please excuse what I imagine is a huge amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes, but I’ve been writing this on a phone while on the bus and at work… Enjoy.

After Lay’foras, “The Forger and Destroyer” lost his love, he ventured into the untamed lands to the East. In his private exile, with his burning arms he manifested wonders beyond imagination as was his nature. Over the ages in his wordless existence, he reshaped this land to his will, giving both beauty and despair which was his.

Lay’foras often would watch the veil that cover his sight of Aoth and his children. Before his love passed beyond his reach there was no veil. He would wonder if it was her up there in the skys.
It was then his will that he would reach the veil. All across his realm towers reaching beyond sight soar from the earth as sky worshipers on their last days.

In time he did wither in the abscence if of other beings. One fateful day Lay’foras ventured to the West coast that looked onto the other lands that he had long abandoned. Being alone for so long he often thought he heard his thoughts aloud, but this was something else. Down below where he stood the was a figure wandering among the rocks. They had a similar appearance to Lay’foras; in the sense that they had two arms, legs and one head. It appeared that they were stuck in this predicament in the rocks, and longing to voice himself someone other than his sculptures he clambered down the slopes to the creature. At his outstretched arm they stared in awe, not quite sure what. Their eyes seemed glazed and not quite with this world. Still unresponsive Lay’foras grabbed their arm and pulled them up to a safe ledge. Looking at the naked creature he forged a set of garbs from the air and earth around them, his hands burned with his white flame. It was the way of the Aspects to cloth themselves; though Lay’foras was the last, he saw no reason not to appoint this to the new being. Its’ face started to become more alive, the eyes clearing and wondering them over the flame coated hand.

At last the silence was broken. Lay’foras spoke amply in the voice of the Aspects, evidently striking fear into the creature before him. Waiting for a response, he got none. Clearly his refugee from below could not speak, let alone understand the tongue of his kind. They instead made an attempt at gesture some form of communication, but to no end. They then resolved to grasp some earth at his feet and hold it aloft. The soil was presented to Lay’foras who could not understand this gesture. Then all of a sudden something happen among the earth. Small vines and plants intertwined amongst themselves. A gentle smile gleamed on the holders face. Still unsure what to think Lay’foras watched transfixed. Finally he was looking at tiny, extraordinarily beautiful plant. Lay’foras looked on at his companion, who seemed as a giddy child, then he understood.
Lay’foras placed his hands on the companion’s hands; they were warms. A soft, fiery light illuminated around the plant in their hands, making yet more beautiful than before. A darkness the flashed over Lay’foras and he whispered under his breath, trembling, “Par’torreras…”. His hands began to burn, vapors of white fire beginning to eject from them. For now the companion looked as interested as when he had seen the garbs. Lay’foras continued murmuring himself; becoming more and more unstable. The plant started to burn and wither as the flames were engulfing his arms; white and violently beautiful. The terrified creature’s scream reverberated across the coast, Lay’foras’ anger like an explosion trying to rip through an iron cast casing.
Inside all he could think was how it was his fault she was gone. If he hadn’t put all those ideas into her head then she would be with him! His overflowing rage peaked. Arms burning with mighty fury, blinded by his own flames he heard the screaming from the one before him, and with one almighty roar, it was over.

Night came over, An passed in the sky as the veil weakened. He did not want to look at Aoth’s children now. He was sitting crumpled on the earth cradling a light in his hands. It was dangerously delicate, the remains of that once child-like creature. It was a remnant of Par’torreras. Irrational rage had torn through him, destroying the only companion he had for countless ages.
He rose from the ground cradling the light. Raising his arms to the night sky he let the light drift into the darkness, then he was gone.

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