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This not a comprehensive part of the Tome of Aspects but a train of thought. A very rough first draft of this story. Please excuse what I imagine is a huge amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes, but I’ve been writing this on a phone while on the bus and at work… Enjoy.

After Lay’foras, “The Forger and Destroyer” lost his love, he ventured into the untamed lands to the East. In his private exile, with his burning arms he manifested wonders beyond imagination as was his nature. Over the ages in his wordless existence, he reshaped this land to his will, giving both beauty and despair which was his.

Lay’foras often would watch the veil that cover his sight of Aoth and his children. Before his love passed beyond his reach there was no veil. He would wonder if it was her up there in the skys.
It was…

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