"Alchemist and The Naga 04" 2008

Found some old pictures of a narrative sculpture I did 4 years ago.

"Alchemist and The Naga 03" 2008

"Alchemist and The Naga 03" 2008. This is a sculpture I did 4 years ago. Came across images while putting together a submission.

I was looking through my stuff to find things that were relevant o a project I’m trying to get funding for; I’ll post a summary about that later. I found these images of a sculpture I did in first year at uni. I should note that I k near on nothing about close up photography, or light theory at this point. I was still all fresh and bright-eyed; except for the heavy eyeliner I used to wear back then.

I called it a narrative sculpture because it was meant to be like a miniature set for a story. The story was about a Naga going to an Alchemist to ask him to make him human. At the time I was doing this whole arty fartsy thing about why the human form was considered better or something like that. In the end the Alchemist gave him a tainted elixir that consequently kills the Naga.

The structure was made of wood and cut sheet metal. The figures were made with a wire skeleton, plasticine and gauze.

Enjoy looking at my past… I’m still unclear if I did.

Images also now near the end of image gallery on image page.


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