In a previous post I mentioned something about something I was looking for funding for, (what a messy sentence). It’s a project dubbed Project KatEll. The project is a concept for a video-game I want to produce using stop motion animation.

The idea is that there is a strong narrative driven by narration and beautiful environments that act as set pieces in which the player can interact. I’m drawing inspiration from old folk tales and fairy tales, as well as Victorian children’ s literature. When it comes to games I draw from classic puzzle based platformers like Abe’s Oddysse and the modern indie market, i.e. Braid, Limbo, Bastion and Trine…

The basic plot is based on “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”. You play a character who follows a mysterious creature (thinking cat at the moment) into a dark forest. They character then traverses the ever changing environments through the seasons and time. Lush bright forests with interesting creatures, to dark swamps full of monsters. Their aim being to find the “cat”, but I’m sure some twists and turns can be thrown in along the way.


The format will be a 2d platformer made of 3d components.
To emphasis the feeling of the changing environments I’d like to use variations of constructs; tailoring the process for each style of level. As was said, everything will be made with models and stop-motion, like “Neverwood” and “Clay fighter”. The characters will be designed like imaginary creatures like in a fairy tale, which will add to the narration.
Design of environments is key as it will play a very important role in gameplay.


The gameplay revolves are interactive puzzles where the player must explore and learn their surrounding to solve the problem. I had done some tests with the movement of a stop-frame character in a game and me and some programmers are confident that we can give the player full control of the character, no point and clicking. At some I’d like there to be some character interaction in the gameplay process as well as responding to sound.


I don’t know much about sound myself but I’d like the soundtrack to have a similar feel to Darren Korb’s work on Bastion. It is imperative that both the soundtrack and audiotrack are produced using real sources over digital to be in keeping with the handmade philosophy.

Well that’s all I can think of saying at the moment. If anyone knows of funding opportunities or a way to help this off the ground let me know.

Have a nice day,
Scribble Imp


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