"Hidden Sonority Pro mo SB TN 01"

Hidden Sonority Storyboard

I’m doing a 30 second pro mo for a music art society night in Edinburgh Hidden Sonority (99 Hanover Street, 25th of March). I’ve done a thumbnail storyboard and some character design. Because the project is quite short I’m not going to trouble myself with the character design, and I’ll probably just stick with what I have at the moment.

Briefly on the character; my client requested a cheeky sort of character who reflected the idea of the night, which is underground media. I went for a DJ character as it seems to be the main function of the night. I gave him a design to indicate that they haven’t reached the public eye. He wears simple clothes and nothing on his feet; as if he is DJ-ing in a bedroom (though the set is just a dark space). I have mentioned before that I have recently been finding myself designing characters with horns, so I put horns onto the side of his headphones, just to give it my own flare; note if I could get someone to make those headphones, it would be awesome I think.

I don’t want to go into detail about the aesthetics of what I want to do at the moment. I’ll wait till I have some test shots before touching on that. Here is the storyboard.

"Hidden Sonority Pro mo SB TN 01"

Hidden Sonority Pro mo SB TN 01



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