"Colour line Neg character sheet"

Hidden Sonority character sheet

Hey followers and others. I would like to post the line work for theHidden Sonoritycharacter. He doesn’t have an official name yet, but I’m calling him DTroll for now, mainly because he’s a DJ and has horns so… troll. I’m not sure what colour I want to make the hair or the head pieces; though keep in mind a lot of this will be in shadow, but I’d like to have made the decisions anyway. Any thoughts of this would be helpful. Along with the horned, goggle headphones, a jack runs out of the side. This is where the fifth genius light strikes him, triggering the music. As he is meant to be a DJ in his private void, he doesn’t wear any shoes; after hours of writing music in the dark, it could get very warm.

As for the doodle at the side, it shows the genius light trailing from the discs. I may have went a little overboard with a doodle, but it was fun. I will be redoing the lines digitally and colouring it shortly so keep an eye out.

"Colour line character sheet"

Colour line character sheet - DTroll - Hidden Sonority

Here’s the line work in negative and negative BW; I just thought it looked nice.


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