"DTroll spinning genius lights"

DTroll character Sheet

I’ve pretty much finished the DTroll character sheet. Since last time I posted on it I’ve changed the hair colour to a more pinky tone, though I’d like to mess around with the colours, I don’t really have the time. In the final piece for Hidden Sonority I’ll be using shadows of complete black, blending the character into the surrounds.

"DTroll character sheet"

DTroll character sheet - Complete

I call the trails of light genius lights. Based on the Greek concept of a genius; it’s a kind of spirit that lives in the walls and influences humans. This is sort of what happens to DTroll. These lights then become visual interpretations of sound in the animation.

I’ve inserted a gallery showing the process from line work up to the final design sheet. I welcome comments etc. I’m still able to change colours easily enough If anyone has any better ideas.


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