2012 and the World

With all this bullshit about people believing that the world will end because the Mayan’s ran out of room, (they didn’t manage to predict the Spanish were going to wipe them out) try to consider it differently.
Right now the world is in a bit of chaos to put it mildly. For some reason the major issues that both unify and separate us across the world; money, civil rights, war seem to be taking a harsh hit. Every country seems to own other country money, so if everyone is in debt to everyone else, you think there would be a way to sort things out without taking it from the people who didn’t borrow money in the first place. Instead on focusing on these issues, LGBT rights for example are being attack and torn to pieces, especially towards the build up to US elections. I find it unbelievable that someone in 1st world country today could use the abolishment of someones right to love as a push for power from the people. For the life of me I can’t find who that guy was, I’m not American so the politics comes in drips and drabs (I’m too busy wondering if David Cameron has ever seen a real person).

The tensions of the people are ever building, sadly I fear that the vigilance of the common British person may not rise as moral fall ever lower, but unless something happens the people will say no. That may happen in 2012, the way the world works may just change, and the world we know will end and a new world will begin.
I’m no expert, I’m no politician, I’m not an activist as such I’m one of the billions of humans that would like to see the world bloom into the kind of planet we can be proud of.

2012 a new world begins


The ever grammatically terrible Scribble Imp


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