Patch X.2

Hello people of where ever you may be,

I’m considering writing a surreal, slice of life web comic. It is to feature a main character who is a post-op trans woman in her early to mid twenties. Among many strange narratives that will probably arise, I want to touch on the difficulties that she will have to deal with between her present and past life. Sadly I don’t have time to elaborate further as I have to head to work.

What I’m looking for is interesting strange and quirky stories for research purposes. I’d be happy to hear from people transitioning, trying to deal with their confusion in the early days, happy stories, sad stories, and generally a spectrum of thoughts.


Hope to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Patch X.2

  1. Dude great idea! I’ll lend you one of the Sandman books I have (A Game of You), one of the supporting characters is a pre-op trans lady who’s afraid to get the operation. Her backstory is really sad.

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