New piece finally done.

Started this ages ago and finally got it done today. Was toying with different finishes, but this is the one that makes the magma look hottest.

"Lay'foras and The Daughter's Towers "

Lay'foras taring at the earth beneath his feet with the force of his arms. Magma is lifted from the ground and forged into a tower reaching to the veil of the world.


Lay’foras raised towers all over the Primal Lands after the departure of Neffnorene. Upon her demise a veil cast over the world, covering the faces of Aoth’s children from the day sky. Lay’foras believed that he could find her once again by erecting these towers to the veil.



4 thoughts on “New piece finally done.

  1. For anyone who as follow my post relating to the Storis of Ao’tir and the Tomb of Aspects; the “Daughter in question is Lay’foras’ sister (in so many words)”. She is Neffnorene and also the Third Aspect, and Lay’foras is the Fourth. I touched on this on the last illustration I did of Lay’foras.

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