Patch X.2 ep 2.v6ish

Following last weeks post on developing project Patch 2.X, I’m sending out another post to capture more stories from the public. Many thanks to the stories I’ve already recieved and I hope to get some drafts done once I have more free time.

Again I give a brief explanation of the plan and hope to hear from you people out there.

I’m wanting to write a surreal, slice of life webcomic featuring a main character who is a post-op transwoman in their mid 20s. Although trans themes will take major part, I’m not wanting it to be the main focus all the time. What I love from the public would be either personal stories, or stories about people you know who are trans. Quirky, sad, happy, serious, strange; all are welcome. You never know you may influence are character and get to carry a guant cannon while pondering social issues. Please see the Patch X.2 page on my site for further details.

Other than just stories, your general thoughts are very welcome and I hope here from you.

P.S. I understand some readers may wish to contribute, but may feel they would rather not publish any personal tales online. If you like you can email me at in the strictest confidence. If for whatever reason I wish to use one of your stories as a major influence I will contact you to see if we can make arrangements to protect your privecy. (That was a long ps).

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)


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