Names and applying for jobs.

I’ve been applying for art jobs recently, which by nature enables me to take a more liberal approach to my application. What I’m more specifically referring to is my name on said applications.

I’ve been putting my name as “E H Rea”, which seems to have not been an issue so far. I’ve had a little look around on the internet to find out what I should do, though nothing clear. Should I put a full name referring to the gender in which I consider myself, or the gender I am legally; note I will get that changed eventually when my circumstances are different? This has come up while applying for a job in a games and entertainment, review and publicity site which might not be as easy to deal with when it comes trans issues. How the games industry feels about gender is another story.

I read up on information by the University of Vermont, which did offer the opinion that CV/cover letters are okay to use your preferred name because they aren’t legal documents. Obviously if ones application goes well then explaining why my national insurance card has the wrong name will be dealt with when the time comes. Sadly as much as it said it was okay, it was vague or whether you really should or not. It may be I just need a more definite answer than I’m finding. Also I have to question this opinion from the University of Vermont because I’m applying for jobs in the UK, not the US.

I could try and write more on the subject, but my main problem is right now is I don’t have enough information.

P.S. I should not I would probably feel less self-concision on this issue if I was further on in my transition. For now I’m still putting E H Rea not Erin H Rea, but I’d like to hear the public opinion.


3 thoughts on “Names and applying for jobs.

  1. At the moment, I haven’t changed my name legally, so I am using my initials–my preferred name retains my initials, so I figure it allows me to be myself in my head while still being legal on paper. Like you, I’m applying for jobs in the arts, so I have been a little more up front about the fact that I’m transitioning than I might be for jobs in other fields.

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