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It occurs to mr that my wordpress has fast become a public documentation of things I want to do I have the time. Sad thing is I’ve probably only posted about 5-10% of the ideas curently swimming around head.

It’s one of things I’ve noticed about life; the idea. It’s great have ideas and all but it can be troublesome. I’ve meet many folk along my travels that find coming up with creative projects mind bogglingly hard. On the flip side these people tend to be very productive and efficient. Maybe it’s because they don’t keep getting interuptions of new ideas while working on a project. These are doers, and sometime I really wish I was one. For one thing my head may not be filled with cinematic footage of every idea that crosses my mind; it can be hard to filter out.
The best comes when you get the idea overdosed and the doers working together. Team work is such an important part of the creative process I find. I will strive to get more of my many ideas of the ground as time permites it.

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)


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