Female Hookmaster cartoon style

"Female cartoon style Hookmaster"

Female Arathirmn Hookmaster in cartoon style.

I’ve been trying to improve both my character illustration and my cartoon style. I was ready to do a realistic portrait of a female Hookmaster based on my friend Aisha, but I’ve ended up doing this cartoon style first. From this I believe that it will help with developing my more realistic portrait, using the attire as a guide. I’m also going to do a male version to have a nice set.

Hookmasters are a far reached branch of the Arathirmn race haling from the world of Ao’tir. This tribe live the Southern regions of the central continent of Gurd; atop the great stretching, cracked plateaus casting as far as the south seas.

When their people first found themselves in the south during the great migration for the west lands they were not the desert hardened people they would become. It is said that in the early days before they called themselves “Hookmasters”, those people lived among the ravines, building great monuments and structures into the rock face that would put the city of Parmaharth to shame. In the later days some of the greater achievements of this early tribe were found by explorers, yet what they were was often unknown.

In time they became part of the land in which they lived, as the Arathirmn always do. They rose atop of the ravines and lives upon the surface; the sand storms and burning light of Aoth a part of them.

The tusks of which they adorn their crowns come from a beast of which roams the ravines and flat tops. When they come of age, the youth will hunt the wild beast and claim their tusks as their right of passage. The Tusks worn by the tribe leader are from a great beast, so large and strong that they say he had six of them. When they first lived upon the flats they beast would hunt the Arathirmn. For a long time this conflict continued until both sides lost many good people. It was at the end of their long war that the greatest beast approached the leader of the Hookmasters and presented him with two of his own tusks. This peace offering end began a long peace with the beast. They still hunt the wild, but as their right to live with nature. Those tusks remain on the crown of their leader, regardless of it’s withered exterior they are strong a beautiful.

Their banner is white with two red bands down either side. During battle they paint their faces with the colours of their banner to strike fear into their enemies. The red is they blood of their people to be remembered after the conflict they had with man who tried to drive them from their homes, claiming that the land was theirs.

Banner of the the Hookmasters

They are Hookmasters, and they carrier a pair of chained hooks or roped at all times. theuse these to traverse the ravines and cliff faces that shape their lands. Over the years there have been ropes and structures build all over their territory to allow them ease of navigation of the land.

Please feel free to comment and such. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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