My fictional world (Intar’nayrn)

For those of you who have read my rambles of the land of Ao’tir, I thus inform you. Those known by Men and Dwarfs and their kin as the Druid Folk, Arathirmn by the old gods have a name of their own now.

I was doing a little writing yestarday concerning the great migration of the first people; the Arathirmn. These of which left for the East long after the war with the Children of Aurt and Fum went to seek a new home. As a union they were the Intar’nayrn; commonly the Intarai, Intar or Nairs.
By the many Arga that forged their body and hearts they formed their  own clans. Many there were, from roots based on the Arga that gave them life. In the first age they called their on, The Age of Uttirn, they ruled under Houses which made their ruling council. The holder of the council was the House of Indar who acted as advocate of the law and people, insuring the will of the people was heard.
There were many houses, not all of them seated on the council. The Imbari was one that did and often stood as the main opposition to the House of Indar. There were also the Findale, Nulanari and many more.

Before the break of the council the Houses of the Intar’nayrn made the land of the Kintarvrn their home. Known by Men as The Lakelands, their kingdom once ran from the borders of Violet mountains, far to the outskirts of the mountains of the Aspects in the distant west.

These people ruled the realms of the East for a long age. Long enough that they became legend over the mountains where no one was alive who remember the war and stories of the Hollow are but myth.
Upon the age of Scholars and the magics of nature they would again be part of the world. The vast age when a beautiful world would seem small yet full of thought and idea.

Notes and thoughts

– While typing i miss spelled Dwarf as Dwarg. I’m tempted to starting calling the dwarf like people Dwarg simply on the principle that I like the word. Your thoughts?

– The Violet Mountains are a vast range that borders off the East and the West lands. The East was colonised by The Children of Aurt and Fum after the war that occured when the Argholai no longer kept the mortal races. Some would later call this land Gurd. Further east beyond the great channel is the Primal lands where few venture say the Dwarfs/Dwarg who made the cliffs facing back to Parma Harth there home.

– Argholai are remnants of the first four gods born from Aoth and An. They are known as the Aspects or by Scholars “The Aspects of Reality”. Their name is often shortened to Arga. Their leader who resided in The Hollow was Merhrn who took the form of a great stag with 12 pronged antlers.

– Parma Harth is the city of Men and their kin. Built around the Mountain Dimnaith that roots itself by the great channel, her ports are vast and beautiful, her walls tall and strong. The cities name comes from the two parental Aspects Partor’erras and Mar’ell who symbolise the finite nature of the world; the land and sea. “Harth” in the tongues of men can refer to a forest, home, city. It is often used to name a settlement. The Intar’nayrn call this place Aoth Dravon mean White City.

-The Hollow is the forest of which homed the largest popultion of Arga. It is located in the heart of The Kintarvrn.

I think that’s enough for a mobile post. Feedback well appriciated.

Have a nice day.

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)


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