First of, I think “Gamerfolk”, should be an official term; at least for older or game players whos gaming life extends beyond Halo multiplayer. As the case Sony maked, that their hardware users are on the whole more mature, they can use it to.

Believe it or not the introduction of a new pseudo-title for the gaming cliental was not my purpose for this post. Myself and my aquaintance, the Mr Graeme Arthur, mixer of the sound waves have begun a journey into the games industry. In a way we are still packing out mules, (we can’t afford horses yet) but we are on our way and recruiting others to our caravan cartel. Some of my followers may have seen the occassional post on game design, some of which can be found on the page “Games”. These will form much of what we do.

As events have transpired most of these projects are on the cards for our ventures. Our developer team call itself “No More White Knights”, the reason of which are for another day. We intend to produce a variety of games with a strong art and audio design that feed into each other, and in many cases the story. Our intent is to produce interactive experiences with a strong narrative theme. We have a definite direction we wish to take which we hope you “Gamerfolk’ will enjoy.

At the moment we are preparing to apply for a 100 day project in Dundee run by Virgin Media with a game we call, “Chance Cube”; see early posts for more details.

As we grow I hope that those of you who are, “Gamerfolk” will follow us and enjoy our work.



E H Rea (Scribble Imp)
Art/Game Design
No More White Knights

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)


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