The nature of my current existence does not afford me the pleasure of as much time as I would see fit for my needs. Although my needs may be no more important than any others, it would be nice to have a holiday for example. At the moment I’d like nothing more than to get some friends and go up to the Highlands to a remote cottage and draw write for a week. Saying that it does sound like the making of a teen slasher movie; with less bikini’s and sunshine, not to mention I don’t have any teenage friend really. Mainly I’d like the time to do more work. I’ve got enough ideas rushing around my head that could fill (could think of something quirky) a very large space. T o have the opportunity to develop even some would hopefully help me get myself on the road to some level of artist success. My point has become a bit gloomy now so carry on I shall.
There was a point to this post at some stage. I’m moving flat right now but once it’s done I should hopefully be able to find more time to do art work and writing (writing that I will redraft I promise).


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