“Still Life Stirs” Logo

This is the version I think that my client has chosen for their band “Still Life Stirs”. At the moment I’m working on vectorizing the images as best I can. Do to gradiants of tone, finding the optised setting is a tad tricky. I’m also working on ways to make the gradient tones from white to grey transparent so to allow easier compositing. I’ve made a few alterations to the image since my last post. The rings resonating infront of the head-like protrusion have been given a more diffined colour and higher saturation. Also there is now a light cracking in the sphere with light rings emitting from it. There are a few other tweeks here and there. I’m quite happy with it and it’s been a while since I’ve done some abstract work. I’ve found it kind of liberating. I’m considering doing a series of landscapes featuring the development drawing I made in this project. As I like naming thins I’m calling this potential series, “Land of The Sleeping Giants”.


Still Life Stirs

I’ll keep you updated

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)


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