"Tandum Illarum"

Three Abstract Paintings

I’m selling these three, very large original paintings. As I’ve been working on some more abstract work recently I decided to bring these to the table.

The first, “Tandum Illarum” was developed from work I did based on Edinburgh’s closes. I spent many a winters night crawling around the dark alleys throughout Old Town taking research photos. By day I would make very messy sketches. I started with slightly more literal developments with a grid like impression. Much like the painting process I gradually aimed to degrade the structure as I worked. As a result the surrounding became more abstract and more minimalist. In this all but one wall has fallen away, the red space floating dementedly.This piece and the others all have heavy black frames and glass.

The second, “Third Principle” and the third, “Three Principles” are based on a development of alchemy principles in conjunction with the human condition. The second piece was produced in a more expressive stance. With an aim in mind of the shapes needing produced I just went with the flow with a thick brush and bleach. In contract the third piece was far more formed in a constructed manner.

All three pieces were made using food colourants, ink, bleach and a little paint and charcoal.

Each are priced at £250


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