Complete Hookmaster Male

After a rather shamefully long time I’ve finally completed  the male counterpart to the cartoon style female Hookmaster.

"Cartoon Style Male Hookmaster"

Cartoon Style Male Hookmaster

This image was made almost entirely with vector lines, shapes and masks in Photoshop.

I’m mainly going to be working on more concept design style work rather than cartoony stuff unless commissioned to. However I may do the Nulanari designs. They are another clan of the Intar’nayrin that live in the North by the ocean. They live by the sea, worshiping whales and trading from their vast market with travelers going between Fin Dravon and Parma Harth. The are also know for producing a fine cold metal; Blue Iron.

I’ll only explain the Hookmasters briefly. They are known as, “Hookmasters” by Men and their kin, but I am yet to decide upon their Intari name. They live in a cold desert in the far south of the central continent of Ao’tir; “The Risen Wastes”. It is named as such because of the vast mesa structure, featuring tall plateaus, steep, dense networks of ravines and surreal stacks. Set up over the centuries, these people placed a spread of ropes chains, pulleys and other contraptions all across their lands to enable them to cover vast distances with the use of hooks and ropes/chains. Upon their brows they adorn crowns baring a pair of tusks from the waste beasts. When coming of age they must battle ones of these creates as a sign of strength and will; taking the tusks as a prize. they traditionally where read to match their banner which honors the dead. When they first came to the Risen Wastes they fought long for their land against neighboring humans who still held strong resentment from the First War battled by their ancestors.

Traditionally Hookmaster armor is made from wood, for it is light (enabling them to travel freely) and also it’s relative rarity in their environment shows its value. Often this will be bound with leather and other materials. On the rare occasions when their people have left the rises to go to war with far off lands they bare metal armor.

I have written about these people before, so I shan’t speak any further on them for the moment.

"Cartoon Style Hookmasters"

Cartoon Style Hookmasters

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