No More White Knights

No longer did the the Night and Day dance round the peeks of a twisted world. Scratchings of the Fates’ victim turn to find eyes of those who will find them.

“I followed a creature of mystery through brickets, bushes and trees. What I found was a place beyond reason and thought.

I find myself standing at the gates to an Emerald Sanctum, where I whispered with a Broken God. Pleading for aid I did what I could. And on that day I saw a soul far greater than mine find rest. With that departure I entered a place of beauty, joy and dispair”

Stranger of the Cascading Tower.

In years to come we may be able to truely understand the etching of the Stranger.


Keeper of words and Runes
No More White Knights

E H Rea (Scribble Imp)

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