Sketchbook Update

Hello Internetions.

I’ve recently updated my new sketchbook page with 9 scans of the work I’ve been doodling recently, and I’ll like to give a brief explanation of what I’m doing.

Click for page


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First off I’m working on a lot of character concepts that I feel I’m being more free and open about myself within. Based on some of the imagery that might seem a bit weird. Most of the work I’m trying to go back to my more surreal days which honestly I miss and I’m enjoying it. The majority of the sketch work relates to a series I’m going to start producing soon called the, “Black Hole Series”. This consists of mainly character work, distortion and cyberpunk themes. The work also carries themes of gender and androgyny; relating to my own gender identity exploration/transgenderism. The Black Holes Series focuses on this less, but I have started a little work on a series to come after that which will focus on the subject of gender and gender perceptions.

This is more graphic work than I’ve done in a while and I hope to have prints available. If I have enough work from the Black Hole Series I may put on a small show. Time will tell.

Hope you enjoyed the post and the page.


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