Spell Shatter

Updated my games page with details and some images of my most recent game development venture with Matt Down.

Here’s the just.

Spell Shatter.

I’ve been doing art for a hex based Turn Based Strategy. I’ve also been developing a narrative and presentation for the concept. You the player are one of 4 wizard factions who are fighting over taking control over stones of power spread across a giant city of sorcerers of old. The below piece is a concept  piece that is still in progress.

Concept piece in progress.
Concept piece in progress.

The premise is to surround each type of stone, Fire Stone, Moonstone (Opal) and Onyx with the corresponding wizards; Pyromancer, Sorcerer and Necromancer. Each wizard has a power and which ever play has the highest overall power will take control of that stone and gain its’ power.

Spell shatter collection

Below is a screen shot of the Beta in test play. You can play between two and four players each representing one of four factions. We have plans to expand on the faction system into some interesting social and competitive mechanics.

test play


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