Spell Shatter.

I’ve been doing art for a hex based Turn Based Strategy. I’ve also been developing a narrative and presentation for the concept. You the player are one of 4 wizard factions who are fighting over taking control over stones of power spread across a giant city of sorcerers of old. The below piece is a concept  piece that is still in progress.

Concept piece in progress.
Concept piece in progress.

The premise is to surround each type of stone, Fire Stone, Moonstone (Opal) and Onyx with the corresponding wizards; Pyromancer, Sorcerer and Necromancer. Each wizard has a power and which ever play has the highest overall power will take control of that stone and gain its’ power.

Spell shatter collection

Below is a screen shot of the Beta in test play. You can play between two and four players each representing one of four factions. We have plans to expand on the faction system into some interesting social and competitive mechanics.

test play

Now that I seem to have begun to develop a good group of people to develop games with I will use this page for updates.

Cubic future concept.

I’ve posted regarding the puzzle game using squares. I wanted to make some concept work for where I intend to take it once we have developed our skills further. It also gave me a chance to practice the basics of Maya, as I am just starting out with it.

Please feel free to give feedback.

Leo robot D1_V1

First robot design themed on Leo.

"Leo robot DV_V1"

Early Leo robot design

Doodle Squared

I had an idea while ago about some form of a puzzle game involving traversing cubic structures, and I’d put it on the back burner for a while. More recently I have come to understand better what I’d like to do with it. The team and I are going to develop a 2D version of this game simplified for mobile use and we will have versions for PC as well.

Here is a concept Image of what it may look like. I will update a new image indicating the details of the interface probably tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and discussing what we are

"Project Cube Concept"

Project cube concept interface

I’ve had an idea for a game involving a lot of cubes, but tonight I just thought I’d throw together an image involving squares. Not really sure what I was doing with it, but enjoy.

What would you do in a world made of squares, and not in a Minecraft sort of way? The text “Cubic Terrain”, is by no means final: it’s just do I had a bit of typography in there.

Early character concept

We are working on a game concept featuring a mechanic in the future who has a bit of an old school flare.

Here’s a little doodling I did before bed.

Trying to think up some silly names for the weird weapon at the bottom. You can see some ideas to the side. Any ideas would be cool folks.

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