Patch X.2

I thought I best out a page on here for the Patch X.2 webcomic to help with development. Below is the link to the post I recently put out with my brief intentions.

I reiterate again that I’m wanting to write a surreal slice of life webcomic featuring a main character who is a post-op transwoman in her early to mid twenties. I’m looking for stories either happy, sad, strange, whatever from trans people or friend, family or anyone really to help develop a well-rounded story/character who can represent a good portion of what a trans person’s life is like before and after. The plot isn’t intended to be strictly about trans issues, It will just be a major theme at least to begin with.

I understand that some people may wish to keep their stories private. Bearing this in mind and you do want to add to the story collection but would rather keep it private, you can email me at I promise not to reveal any stories outside the confidentiality of the inbox. If for whatever reason I wish to use one of these stories in great detail, I will first request it from the writer of course, and all names will be changed.

Anyway, this is meant to be a quirky, mainly cheery idea, so yeah bring on the ideas, then maybe we can think of a name for the lass.


Yours magically,

Scribble Imp.

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