Tome of Aspects

There is to be no name for this script in the tongues of the Arathirmn, Mankind, the belated voices and words or Dwarfs and their kin; The Part’dor and Giants. Even the whispers of the Argholai have never dictated the mémoires upon it’s pages.

The book will never be of the lands of Ao’tir, for it is of our world, and the realm of Aoth beyond the sky’s veil. Within is contained the accounts of the forging of the land, and the trails and wars of the “Aspects of Reality” and the Argholai.

I will be adding small extracts of work while I build it for the purposes of feedback and generally for some incite to whatever is going on in my head. This is the book of mythology of creation of Ao’tir, whither or not the reader chooses to believe it is meant to be real in the context of the universe is up to them. The ethos is somewhat similar to the early stages of the Salmarillion, (Ainulindale and Valaquenta).

Knowing that near on no one except a few people will understand much at first of what is being said, the next piece of information will mean very little at the moment.

The book contains the birthing of Lay’foras and Neff’norenne, many tales of the Hollow Dwellers, The Fall of Kuro’lc and the Saga of Noth; among many other stories.

I will hopefully start uploading extracts and images soon. I ask any of my artist friends if they wish to illustrate any stories they like if they wish as it would be nice to see other peoples images of said stories.

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